CB680 Slipstick Replacement Rubber Castor Wheels for Office Chairs


Slipstick CB680 2 Inch Floor Protecting Rubber Office Chair Castor Wheels (Set of 5) Standard Stem Size – Black/Grey

Plastic office chair wheels destroy timber floors, but now there’s an inexpensive and effective solution!!

Fitting the replacement Slipstick Foot Rubber Office Chair Wheels will help to prevent scratching and wear marks on timber floors.

Available in a Set of 5, Slipstick 50mm (2″) diameter Rubber Castor Wheels.

Simply remove the existing plastic wheels that are causing all the damage with replacement rubber wheels.

Ideal for office chairs with standard stem size.

* Glides Quietly
* No floor mats required.
* Eliminate the need for big plastic floor mats over your beautiful floors. 

* Rubber wheels protect floors.
* Change wheels in under 4 minutes.

Plastic Replacement Castor Wheels also available.


Product Description

Get smooth, quiet rolling and full swivel action all while protecting your floors.

Eliminate the need for big plastic floor mats over your beautiful floors.

Our safe rubber castors are the office wheels of the future.

Perfect as a set of replacement castor wheels for home or office chairs that have hard, noisy, rough plastic wheels.

Black and Grey to match and blend with any decor.

Designed so that a set of 5 will hold a maximum of 150kg /330 lbs total weight chair and rider.

Perfect for home or office use.

Our wheels carry a 5-year limited warranty.


From the Manufacturer

Scratches, scuffs, stuck wheels and noisy squeaks will be a thing of the past with our rubber castor wheels on your chairs.

Install them quickly and easily (no tools required) simply pull off the old and snap in the new and you’re ready for sturdy support and stylish presentation.

Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 16 cm


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