CB505 Slipstick Foot Furniture Grippers 50mm Round Floor Protectors


Furniture Grippers. Set of 4, Slipstick 50mm (2″) Gripper Feet.

Stops furniture from moving and prevents damage on hard floor surfaces

The furniture grippers can be fitted to furniture items with wooden bun feet, couches, armchairs & heavy tables to stop movement and at the same time prevent scratching and gouging on hard floor surfaces. 

Excellent size for dining tables, coffee tables and furniture with legs that are no larger than 66mm.

Suitable for round legs or square/rectangle feet on furniture.

Provides strong grip and floor protection, with *Tilt n Slide© Optional Stick On or Screw On attachment. 

Recommended for: Furniture with 50mm to 66mm (2″ to 2-5/8″) diameter legs

If you have furniture like, dining chairs and barstools that you want to slide you may be interested in Furniture Sliders

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Colour: Chocolate


Slipstick Furniture Feet Floor Protectors with Non Slip Rubber Grip (Set of 4 Grippers) 50mm / 2 Inch Round – Chocolate Brown. Caramel Colour Available

Product Description

Keep your couches, love seats, sofas or tables from sliding around and damaging your floors.
Quickly installed via peel-and-stick adhesive or by screwing it directly onto the feet of furniture (screws included), these attractive and virtually invisible floor protectors will help you keep your floors flawless for years to come.
Soft, non-marking, rubberised O-rings makes the contact point with your floor giving your furniture the traction and grip to stay still on hard surfaces (wood, laminate, tile, polished concrete, etc.) They also protect and preserve your floors from scratches and abrasions.
Packet contains: 4 gripper feet.

From the Manufacturer
No more worrying about your sofa sliding or moving when someone sits down suddenly or quickly. These performance floor protectors will stay attached and keep your furniture in place too.
Product carries the Slipstick 5-year limited warranty pledge (1 year for commercial use).

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 6 × 18 × 22 cm


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