Sealing & Finishing Wax Combo for Chalk Paint & Raw Wood

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Aussie Furniture Care Shabby Wax Finishing Wax Combo for Chalk Paint & Raw Wood Furniture

The combo comes with the following:
AFC Shabby Finishing Wax 250g for Sealing, Polishing and Protecting Hand-Painted Furniture and Raw Wood.
AFC Shabby Liquid Wax 250ml Maintenance Polish for Chalk Painted Furniture.

Product Description:

AFC Shabby Finishing Wax is a specialised wax formula developed in Australia to protect and enhance the look of hand-painted and raw wood furniture.

Made from premium quality Australian beeswax and natural tree oils, this wax seals, polishes, and protects the surface without the hassle and hard work associated with traditional waxes. The quick-drying formula dries within 10 minutes making it easy to buff to a smooth, smear-free and well sealed finish.

This wax is perfect for Shabby Chic, hand-painted finishes, and raw wood furniture. This finishing wax contains no petro-chemicals, making it safe for use on painted surfaces without worrying about peeling.

With its short curing time (less than an hour) this wax paste is the ideal time saving solution for sealing, polishing and protecting your next project.

For regular maintenance, use the AFC Shabby Liquid Wax Maintenance Polish 250ml for Chalk Painted Furniture and Raw Wood Finishes . This product was designed for fast and easy polishing, cleaning and maintenance of chalk paint, shabby chic furniture, and other sealed finishes.

The formula dries quickly and is easy to apply and buff, it leaves a natural and long-lasting sheen as well as protecting the finish against water marking. The liquid wax also nourishes wood fibers and is lightly scented with pure essential oil.

This Product Is Proudly Australian Made & Owned

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Weight 610 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 cm


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