Inca Timberwax Furniture Polish Pack Paste Wax – Liquid Wax & Cloths

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Inca Timber Furniture Polishing Pack 

The Inca Timberwax Furniture Polish Pack is you complete package when it comes to long and short term care and maintenance of your timber furniture.

1 x Jar of Inca Beeswax Furniture Polish Paste Wax Clear 250gr. Apply this wax initially to give a sealing & protective coating.

Use wax every 3 to 6 months depending on how often you use the furniture.

1 x 250ml Bottle of Inca Liquid Wax.  Inca Timberwax Liquid Wax is for regular cleaning and polishing of your furniture and is a short term maintenance polish that keeps your timber furniture in pristine condition.

Use Inca Timberwax Liquid Wax Polish in between 3-6 monthly applications of the Inca Beeswax Furniture Polish Paste Wax Natural.

2 x 2 packs of Aussie Furniture Care Pure Cotton & Rayon Polishing Cloths: Use for applying polish and buffing off.

About Inca Timberwax Beeswax Furniture Polish Paste Wax Natural

Inca Timberwax is a premium quality high performance beeswax furniture polish that’s nothing like old traditional style beeswax polish.

Inca Timberwax is manufactured from pure Australian beeswax and natural tree oils.

  • Contains no petro-chemical by-products like tolulene, gum turps or silicones and it never builds up.
  • Simple and easy to use without the hard work of old style traditional beeswax polishes.
  • Leaves a smooth clean, smear free finish with a lasting shine.
  • Suitable for all timber and veneer furniture whether it’s a modern piece or an antique.
  • Can be safely used to seal & polish raw wood but will darken the colour slightly.

About Inca Liquid Wax

Inca Timber Wax Liquid Wax Polish for timber furniture was developed as a product for regular cleaning and polishing of timber furniture.

Waxes, Cleans and Polishes as you Dust

  • Made From Pure Australian Beeswax
  • Easy to apply-Easy to buff
  • Simple & Easy To Use
  • Leaves No Smearing or Fingermarks.
  • No Silicone or Petro – Chemical By Products

About Aussie Furniture Care Polishing Cloths

  • Made from pure cotton & rayon
  • Premium Quality
  • 2 per pack
  • Overlock to prevent fraying
This Product Is Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 21 cm


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