CB147 Slipstick Gorilla 25mm Round Furniture Grippers & Protectors


If your furniture is moving around it’s going to be damaging your floors?

Introducing the quickest way to stop furniture from moving.

Slipstick Gorilla Pad Furniture Grippers!! Designed to give your furniture maximum grip and prevent damage on hard floors at the same time.

The Slipstick Gorilla Grippers & Floor Protector Pads feature a New 3 Layer Design with a highly durable rubber foam outer layer that provides an unparalleled grip between the bottom of the furniture and the floor surface with a dark brown solid felt core to prevent furniture legs from puncturing through and damaging the floors surface.

Simply place a Gorilla Gripper Pad under any furniture piece or object you want to keep in place and to prevent damage occurring on the surface it’s sitting on.

Perfect for using under modular sofas, armchairs, sofas, side tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables, TVs, home decor, dressers and even electrical appliances.

Covered by Slipstick’s 5-year free replacement warranty.


16 x 25mm Round Gorilla Grippers with Peel & Stick Adhesive backings for Easy Install

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INSTANTLY STOP FURNITURE MOVING: Slipstick Gorilla Pad furniture grippers & floor protectors are your best solution for preventing furniture from unwanted sliding & movement as well as protecting your floor from damage caused by furniture

MULTIPLE USES: The Gorilla Pads can be used under a variety of items including under furniture feet, couch legs, sofa legs, table legs, sectional sofas, bed posts and any object you want to keep in place.

IMPENETRABLE PUNCTURE PROOF 3-LAYER DESIGN: For maximum durability and gripping power, Gorilla Pads feature a puncture proof thick solid felt core between specially formulated rubber foam outer layers that provide maximum traction

SAFE FOR USE ON HARD SURFACES: The 3 Layer Puncture Proof Pads protect all hard floor surfaces from scratches & damage and won’t leave marks.

ULTIMATE FLOOR PROTECTION: Perfect floor protectors for hardwood floors, laminate, tile, LVT, marble, linoleum, concrete and more.

SELF-ADHESIVE: The packet includes 16 peel and stick adhesive round non-slip Gorilla Gripper Floor Protector pads that are 1inch / 25mm in diameter. 

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 2 × 14 × 14 cm


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