Wax Filler Sticks & Furniture Repair Crayons Combo


Wax Filler Sticks & Furniture Repair Crayons Combo gives you a variety of options when it comes to doing minor repairs and touch ups on timber furniture and floors.

 Furniture repair crayons are manufactured using a paraffin wax base and are quite soft so they are best suited for filling very fine splits, small nail holes, small knots in timber, mitre joints, joints in picture frames and blemishes in timber and laminates.
WIDE VARIETY OF COLOURS: The box of 12 repair crayons come in a variety of wood tones as well as white

 Wax Putty Bricks are a synthetic wax filler sticks designed for repairing and filling larger splits, dents, holes, knot holes and gouges on all types of wood furniture, wood floors and other wood related products used internally. They’re much harder than furniture repair crayons but not as hard as beeswax sticks.
WAX PUTTY BRICK FILLER STICKS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR: Repairs on flat surfaces such as table tops or floors where there is only an indentation or for moulding to shape on edges. They are much better suited to be used for filling purposes only.
WAX PUTTY BRICKS CAN BE STAINED OR TOP COATED: This can be done with scratch fix pens, lacquers, paints or varnishes. All repairs with the wax putty bricks should be completed before the final coat of finish.

PLIABLE & EASY TO USE: The synthetic wax putty filler sticks do not require any warming up or melting.

WIDE VARIETY OF COLOURS: The packet of 10 wax putty filler sticks come in a variety of wood tones as well as white.



HOW TO USE WAX PUTTY BRICKS: There are two ways to use wax putty bricks the first is to push the wax putty brick down firmly on the area to be filled (e.g. scratch, dent, nail hole etc.) Filling the area by rubbing the wax over the area. Remove excess wax using a blunt plastic scraper.

The second way is if you are filling a split or crack. Cut a small piece of the wax putty brick off and roll it in your fingers until you get an elongated shape that is similar in size to the split or the crack you want to fill. Then push it firmly into the split and remove the excess wax from edges that way you will have a lot less wastage and a much cleaner finish.

HANDY TIP: In cold weather warm the wax stick up by holding in your hand or keep in your pocket.

HOW TO USE FURNITURE REPAIR CRAYONS: It is a simple process, just rub the crayon over the blemish, nail hole or edge of the area you are repairing and then polish off the excess with a soft cloth.

Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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