CB662c Slipstick 3inch-75mm Bed/Furniture Riser 4 Pack Black


Looking for extra storage space?

One of the best places to store your items is under the bed. Bed risers are ideal for storing different items and will save you a lot of space.

Slipstick Furniture & Bed Risers come in 3 sizes:

Large 5 inch (125mm),

Medium 3 inch (75mm), 

New Small 2 inch (50mm).

Medical & Mobility Aid

Do you ever struggle standing up out of furniture that is too low to the floor if so, this product is the solution you can’t do without!

Specifically developed to boost seat ergonomics by raising low sitting furniture to a safer and more comfortable height level that makes the sit to stand process easier.

If you need to raise the height of a piece of furniture by just a small amount this product could be an inexpensive and effective solution.

Each riser is Black in colour and ideal for raising beds and furniture to a more convenient height.

Bed Risers/Furniture Risers can be used to raise beds, couches or tables with a special non-slip rubberised base.

They can be used on timber, tile, laminated and carpet floors.

Specifications & Measurements

Raises bed or furniture height by 75mm / 3inches

Fits Standard 2 inch (50mm) Bed Castor Wheels.

Top recess of riser is 76mm (3″) diameter by 19mm (3/4″) deep. (Foam insert 9mm (3/8″) thick)

Base Dia 130mm/5.1 inches

Suitable for Square Bed Posts up to 56mm/2-1/4″& Round Bed Posts or Furniture Legs Up To 75mm/2.95″

Not suitable for for bed or furniture legs smaller than 32mm/1-1/4 inch

Also available in: 2inch-50mm & 5inch-125mm sizes



Bed Risers for Extra Storage
Putting a bed on risers is an excellent idea for extra storage space as well as stopping it from rolling around.

Bed risers will accommodate a bed frame with castors or without castor wheels.

Many people today are looking for different ways to save space in their homes and bed risers can help to do that.

Bed Risers for Medical Problems

Even people with certain medical ailments can benefit from using bed risers. Many ailments require a bed to be raised at one end.

Outside of storage this is the most common use for bed risers

Other Uses.

Bed Risers also known as furniture risers can also be used for a multitude of other uses such as raising different types of furniture in and around the home or office.

*Always seek medical advice first before using Bed Risers as an aid for medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 20 cm



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