AFC Outdoor Furniture Oil


AFC Outdoor Furniture Oil is excellent for maintaining & enhancing the original look of Timber Outdoor Furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Oil gives unique protection to all types of timber furniture exposed to weather and outdoor elements.

  • Specially formulated with natural ingredients.
  • Prevents dry & wet rot, fading, cracking or drying.
  • Protects against UV Rays

AFC Outdoor Furniture Oil also acts as an effective deterrent against destructive insects including White Ants, Termites & Borers.

  • Will not alter the colour of the wood.
  • Leaves no sticky residue.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Best applied with a piece of foam rubber.

Available In 500ml & 250ml

Additional information

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2 Bottle Sizes Available

AFC Outdoor Furniture Oil 250ml OFO250, AFC Outdoor Furniture Oil 500ml OFO500


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