Mohawk Ultra Mark White Furniture Touch Up Pen


The Mohawk Ultra Mark White Touch Up Pen can be used for to repair small scratches and disguise minor imperfections on white timber furniture, floor boards, door jams and more.

The white pen can also be used to replace colour, revitalise worn or damaged timber and topcoat in one easy step.

Simple and easy to use. (See instructions below)

Contains light-fast pigments which seal, colour & finish in one easy operation.

Made in the USA


Directions: Shake well before use.

Start depressing nib with the pen in an upright position.
To start colour flow press pen and nib down until wet.
This process may need to be repeated during repair to keep the nib from becoming dry.
Always replace the lid after use.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 3 × 10 × 22 cm


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