Inca Silver Cleaning Plate Using Electrolysis


Are you tired of the hard work and struggle to clean your heavily tarnished silver items?

The Inca Super Clean Silver Cleaning Plate provides a quick and easy solution to your silver cleaning woes.

It’s designed for initial dirt and tarnish removal from your silverware.¬†

The silver cleaning plate uses a basic electrolysis process to effectively loosen and lift heavy tarnish and dirt buildup.

Product Benefits:

  • Saves time and effort by taking the hard work out of removing heavy tarnish and dirt build up on silver.
  • Loosens up old polish stuck in intricate areas.
  • Makes final polishing of the item a lot easier as most of the work is done for you.
  • Non-abrasive solution to silver cleaning, unlike conventional silver polishes which rub away a layer of silver every time you polish it.
  • Versatile enough to clean gold, gold plate, silver, silverplate, copper, bronze, pewter, and most jewelry items.
  • Note: Not suitable for costume jewellery and pearls.

Usage instructions:

Place the plate and the items to be cleaned in a glass bowl or plastic tub of hot water and household washing soda crystals for superior results.

Ensure that the item you are cleaning is touching the plate.

Note: The plate will not work in a metal sink.

Warning: DO NOT use on the plate to clean Silver Plated Britannia Metal (EPBM) as this is an inferior base metal and hot water may disturb the silver plating.

The Inca Super Clean Silver Cleaning Plate can be used multiple times and provides brilliant results for heavily tarnished silver items.

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Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 1 × 9 × 21 cm


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