CB693 Slipstick Universal Use Rollerblade Castor Wheels with Brake 75mm Diameter Set of 4


Transform your heavy furniture with Slipstick Universal Use Rollerblade Castor Wheels with Brake 75mm Diameter Set of 4.

Here are the features and benefits of these wheels:

Floor Protection: The roller blade style castor wheels have a clear soft rubber tread that protects all hard surfaces from damage, including hardwood floors. The built-in brake also prevents furniture from rolling, avoiding scratches or dents on your floors.

Universal Compatibility: These swivel castor wheels come with a perfect 3/8″ threaded stem, compatible with a wide range of furniture including carts, work benches, tables, chairs, cabinets, trolleys, racks, dolly, desks and more. They are great for both replacement castors or new installations.

Quiet & Smooth Rolling: With premium locking castor wheels and soft rubber tread, these castor wheels offer super smooth and silent rolling over hard surface and carpet floors. The 360 degree full swivel action provides easy manoeuvrability and control, making them ideal for kitchen carts.

Easy Installation: This set includes 4 locking 3-inch/75mm rubber castor wheels, threaded 3/8 Inch Stems (16 UNC), 4 stem insert nuts, 4 washers, and 4 nuts for secure attachment to furniture. The castor wheels are easy to install, saving you time and effort.

Load Capacity: These heavy-duty swivel casters can support rolling up to 180 Kg / 45 Kg per castor (225 Kg static load capacity), making them ideal for large and heavy furniture. They come with Slipstick’s lifetime free replacement warranty for added peace of mind.

Premium Quality: This set of 4 Rollerblade castors has a load capacity of up to 400lbs (180kg) (100lbs – 45kg per wheel), making them perfect for heavy-duty applications.
They are also covered by Slipstick’s Lifetime free replacement warranty.

Periodic Cleaning: While these wheels are durable and long-lasting, it’s recommended to check and clean them periodically to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

In summary, Slipstick Universal Use Rollerblade Castor Wheels are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to upgrade their furniture with added mobility.

These castor wheels provide superior floor protection, universal compatibility, smooth and silent rolling, easy installation, heavy-duty load capacity and a lifetime warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 11 × 19 × 13 cm


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