Beeswax Filler Sticks 12 pack Mixed Colours


Beeswax Filler Sticks preserve and beautify your wooden furnishings and flooring. These pure beeswax filler sticks are essential for both rapid repairs and extensive furniture restoration.

Their ability to flawlessly repair minor cracks, crevices and deep scratches is not only effective but also a great way to keep your wood furniture more presentable. These beeswax filler sticks are harder and more resilient than wax putty bricks and furniture repair crayons, they are easier to shape for specific needs, such as fixing rounded corners or mouldings on wood furniture.

Multipurpose Use: Ideal for various wooden surfaces, including hardwood floors, furniture, MDF, plywood, and more. Tackle different damages like pet scratches, nail holes, or splits with ease. This single product meets all your wood repair needs, saving both time and money.

Colour Selection: Choose from 12 available shades for the closest match to your wood, spanning from light to medium and dark tones, as well as white and antique white. The right color choice enhances the wood’s natural grain and aesthetics, making repairs significantly more appealing.

Affordable Restoration: Revitalise your wooden furniture to its former glory without spending a fortune. Avoid costly replacements or professional services and achieve impressive results at a much lower cost.

Professional-Grade Formula: Developed to meet the stringent demands of furniture repair professionals, manufacturers and retailers. Use a top-tier product that provides consistent, high-quality outcomes. The solid pigment ensures the wax retains its colour, even when melted into splits or gouges.

Package Contents: 12 large coloured beeswax filler sticks.

Beeswax Filler Stick Dimensions: Each stick is 12cm in length and 2cm in diameter, weighing 34 grams.

Colour Assortment in Package: Dark Jarrah, Select Beech, White, California Pine, Cherry, Antique White, Dark Walnut, Birch, Black, Teak, Red Cherry, Baltic Pine

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Simple Application: Easy to use (see instructions below). No special tools needed, except for a soldering iron and a plastic scraper or an old credit card if melting the wax is desired. Enjoy a straightforward, hassle-free application.

Colour Tips: For optimal visual blending, a shade slightly darker than the wood you’re filling is advised. This approach ensures that repairs subtly enhance the surrounding wood, preserving the furniture’s overall appearance.¬† ¬†

Instant Fix: Rapidly address flaws like deep scratches, gouges, and nail holes, making wood look as good as new. Immediate repairs prevent further damage and extend the lifespan of your wooden items.

Durable Repairs: Our Beeswax Filler Sticks won’t shrink, dry out, fade, or rub off, unlike standard wood fillers. Enjoy a lasting repair solution that maintains its quality over time, keeping your wood in excellent condition.

Mess-Free and Efficient: Benefit from a tidy application with immediate results. Spend less time cleaning and more time admiring your beautifully restored furniture.

Additional information

Weight 430 g
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 8 cm


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