AFC Clear Finishing Wax Kit Including Cloths & Brush

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1 x Shabby Finishing Wax Paste 250gr 
1 x Shabby Liquid Wax Maintenance Polish 250ml
1 x Artisan Ergonomic Wax Brush
2 x Packets of Synthetic Microfibre Furniture Polishing Cloths
Shabby Finishing Wax 250gr For Sealing, Polishing & Protecting Chalk Painted Furniture. 
Specialised wax specifically formulated to seal, polish and protect chalk paint, lacquered and raw wood furniture.
If you own or create hand painted or raw wood furniture and want to seal and polish it, this wax is perfect for you.
Shabby Wax Paste Clear is a premium quality high performance beeswax furniture polish that’s simple and easy to use without the hard work of old style traditional beeswax polishes it never builds up and it’s smear free.
The Shabby Wax is the perfect way to polish, seal and protect painted timber and raw wood finishes quickly and easily.
AFC Shabby Wax contains no petro-chemicals and will not strip paint from the surface.
Quick Drying
Once the paste wax has been applied it dries within 10 minutes and is ready to buff to a smooth, smear-free and sealed 
Shabby Liquid Wax Maintenance Polish Clear for Chalk Painted Furniture 250ml
Designed for regular polishing, cleaning and maintaining chalk paint, shabby chic furniture, hand painted furniture, waxed raw wood and stained wood finishes that have initially been sealed with a finishing wax. 
  • Made from pure Australian beeswax and natural tree oils.
  • Maintains the new appearance of your furniture.
  • Stops your furniture from looking tired and worn out. 
  • Leaves a natural and long lasting sheen.
  • Protects against water marking.
  • Nourishes wood fibres to prevent drying & splitting.
  • Pleasantly scented with pure essential oils.
  • Dries Quickly
  • Easy to apply and easy to buff.
  • Advanced anti-smear free formula. 
  • Limits the build up of dust. 
  • Leaves no residue.
For initial sealing coat use: AFC Shabby Finishing Wax Paste Clear
Artisan Ergo Wax Brush
This natural bristle brush is gorgeous to use! Long natural bristles are densely packed and embedded firmly into the Resin base. The ferrule is steel and is rust and solvent resistant. The rounded beech handle is ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your hand to reduce strain when waxing those larger pieces. These premium quality wax brushes are made to last.
AFC Synthetic Microfibre Furniture Polishing Cloths 
Made from a blend of synthetic fibres.
Use for buffing off finishing wax after application.
This Product Is Proudly Australian Made & Owned

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