Simple Fabric Care Guide

Here are some simple fabric care tips to follow:

(1) Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

If you allow dust and dirt to sit on the fabric too long it causes soiling occur. The best way to prevent this problem start is to vacuum your fabrics regularly. If you remove dust and dirt on a regular basis it tends to stop body oils and perspiration from embedding itself into the fibres of the fabric.

Clean bright and pale colours more often as they usually get dirtier a lot faster than your darker colors.Fabric Care

(2) Fabric Protection

An excellent way to keep fabrics cleaner for longer is by applying fabric protection. Treating a new fabric or a fabric that is clean and in good condition you protect it from spills and prevent fluids & dirt particles from getting inside the fabrics fibres.

When fabric protector has been applied there is much higher chance of getting the fabric back to it’s original condition.

(3) Using the right fabric spot cleaning products

Always use a good quality fabric spot cleaner and make sure that in the event of a spill that you get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

Make sure you use a proper fabric spot cleaner not general purpose household cleaners that could contain caustics or bleaches which could change the colour of the fabric and cause irrepairable damage to your furniture.

Warning: Always test before using spot cleaning products.

Before using any cleaning products including fabric cleaners, you should find an inconspicuous place and check the upholstery fabric for color fastness and surface changes.

Let it dry and check that no changes in colour have occured and that the fabric is in good condition.

Make sure you also check the furniture manufacturers cleaning and care instructions before proceeding.

(5) Stain Removal Procedure

1. Always clean up spills quickly to avoid staining. Start by removing any solid debris.

2. With liquid spills your first step should always be getting the spill mopped up and as dry as possible with a clean absorbent towel or chamois sponge before focussing on any stains. Once the surface is as dry as possible go to step 4.

3.Get a clean absorbent cloth and run under a tap until wet. Ring out the cloth tightly so it is just damp then carefully blot away any liquid or scrape away any solids remaining without heavy rubbing.

4. Next apply a good quality Neutral PH Spot Cleaner to a damp clean white absorbent cloth, towel or nappy and then lightly rub and blot stain away. Never spray spot cleaners directly onto fabric unless it’s absolutely essential. Over-wetting can cause water marks which are harder to remove than the stain

Recommendation: For large spills it’s better to mop up liquid and get it as dry as possible and call a professional upholstery cleaner to remove any stains as spot cleaners are only designed for small spills and stains.

5. If rubbing is required always watch carefully that there is no damage occurring on the fibres as this will be irrepairable if you continue.

Repeat as necessary.

If the stain can’t be removed with ease a professional cleaner with proper upholstery cleaning equipment may be required.

Whenever you spot clean a piece of furniture that has been fabric protected make sure you apply another coat of fabric protector to the cleaned area.

(6) Product recommendations

Wonderspot Encapsulating Spot Cleaner. This product is designed to encapsulate the stain and then turns to powder when it dries.

Fabric Magic a completely natural product.

Customers who have purchased Fabric Magic have also purchased Stain Shield Fabric Protector.