If you love your timber furniture AFC Furniture Wax Clear is great product for giving your new or old furniture a long lasting smear-free finish that you’ll be proud of. In thisAustralian Made Beeswax Furniture Polish article I’ll answer frequently asked questions and explain the best and easiest way to use the polish, how often to use it and what you can use it on. 

How to use:
One of the most common problems with paste wax furniture polish is many people have a tendency to apply it too thick, making it hard to apply and even harder to remove.
The best way of avoiding this is to take a small amount of wax on a clean lint free cloth and rub it in a circular motion, moving along in the direction of the grain.
After applying the wax let it dry for around 10 minutes (a little longer in cool temperatures) and then buff off the excess wax with a fresh clean lint free soft polishing cloth.

Handy hints:
It’s better to use two thin coats rather than one thick coat.
When buffing off the excess wax turn the cloth regularly to avoid re-application.
As a final finish we recommend giving the surface a final buff with a soft non abrasive cloth.

How often should the wax be applied to my furniture?
AFC Furniture Wax Clear should be applied every 3 to 6 months depending on our often the furniture is being used. You can use AFC Quick Polish Liquid Beeswax for day to day cleaning and maintenance if you prefer cleaning and polishing your furniture regularly but it’s not essential. The paste wax will give it a protective coating that just needs dusting in between 3-6 month applications.

Is AFC Furniture Wax Clear safe?
The wax was designed with safety in mind, it contains no petro-chemicals, silicones or other nasty ingredients. The wax is safe for you, your family and your pets as well as the environment.  

What type of furniture can the wax be used on?
The versatile, easy to use wax can safely be used on timber, veneer, antiques, modern and old style furniture. It gives excellent results on polyurethanes, shellac, chalk paint and raw wood.

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