Wax Filler Sticks

We carry two types of wax filler sticks furniture repair crayons which come in 12 different colours and Wax Putty Bricks which are available in 20 woodtone colours for minor filling of splits, cracks and gouges.

Furniture repair crayonsFurniture Repair Crayons

Furniture Repair Crayons are designed for filling fine splits, small holes and small gouges in wood furniture.

Doing a repair with crayons is quite simple because the wax is reasonably soft, all you have to do is push in a downward direction and rub the crayon over the damaged or split area until the wax becomes level.

Once the wax is level clean any excess off with soft non abrasive cloth.

View colour chart here.

Wax Putty Bricks

Wax Putty Bricks

Wax Putty Bricks are a synthetic wax sticks designed for repairing and filling larger splits, dents, holes, knot holes and gouges on all types of wood furniture, wood floors and other wood related products used internally.

They're much harder than crayons but not as hard as beeswax sticks. Wax putty bricks can be stained or top coated with lacquers, paints or varnishes and are very pliable and easy to use, they do not require any warming up or melting.

The wax putty bricks are not suitable for molding to shape on edges and are much better suited to be used for filling purposes only.

View colour chart here.

See demonstration video below

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