Furniture Care & Repair Kit

Introducing our latest basic care & repair kit which is designed to Fix Scratches, Nicks, Cracks and Splits in timber furniture as well as nourish, maintain and protect the surface.Furniture First Aid Care and Repair Kits For Timber Furniture


Maintain, clean and nourish timber furniture with our totally new kit which is designed for repair and care in one pack.

The furniture repair and care kit comes in 3 colours: Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown


1 x Scratch Fix Pen.
1 x Wax Filler Stick.
2 x Pure Cotton & Rayon Polishing Cloth.
1 x 50 gr Tin Pure Australian Beeswax Furniture Wax Polish.

Uses for each product in kit:

  • For touch ups and minor scratches use the Scratch Fix pen.
  • For cracks and splits fill with the wax filler stick.
  • For Cleaning and polishing use beeswax furniture polish and polishing cloths.

Can be used on most timber furniture and finishes including: Lacquer, Varnish, Shellac and Veneers ( Not Suitable For 2 Pack Polyurethane)

Individual Product Information: Scratch Fix Pens  Wax Putty Bricks  Polishing Cloths  Furniture Wax