Fabric Spot Cleaner

Fabric Magic Spot Cleaner 500ml.

Fabric Magic 500mlFabric Magic is a unique, all-natural cleaner that actually works. With FM you can clean almost any fabric successfully, from expensive fabrics like 100% silk, chenilles,  jacquards, linens and most synthetic fibres.

FM removes: wine, blood, oil, grease, food staining, biro, chocolate, smoke stains, toner, general
soiling and much much more.

You will be amazed at what FM will remove.

To use Fabric Magic simply spray and apply the cleaner to the area or stain to be removed, allow it to work for a short time, 30-60 seconds, and then simply wipe away the problem with a lightly damp cloth.

Repeat the procedure if necessary. For old stains it's best to let Fabric Magic work longer to give it time to penetrate the problem before using the damp cloth.

The great thing about Fabric Magic is that it contains NO chemicals, being made from only renewable plant-based ingredients formulated in a very unique way to work together.

Fabric Magic is safe for people, safe for children, safe for the environment and has no known health concerns.  It is groundwater & grey water safe.

The best part is that Fabric Magic works, naturally.

Fabric Magic 500ml