Ecoshield Leather Conditioner 250ml

What are the benefits of applying Leather Conditioner to your leather?Ecoshield-Leather-Conditioner-250ml

Over time leather can dry out until it eventually cracks, scuffs and stiffens. To avoid this happening you need to apply a leather conditioner.

A good quality leather conditioner should only contain natural ingredients that put moisture and nourishment back into the leather.

Applying a Leather Conditioner also helps to repel grime, stains, liquid spills and body oils.

Ecoshield Leather Conditioner contains only natural ingredients including wool lanolin, waxes, water based emulsions and penetrating agents to keep your leather nourished, soft and supple.

Non Greasy and does not leave a sticky or oily finish.

Apply with a soft non abrasive cloth and buff off with a dry soft non abrasive cloth.

Not Suitable for Nubuck or Analine Leathers.

Always make sure the leather is clean before applying  a leather conditioner. Only use Neutral PH Leather Cleaners before conditioning your leather.

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