Aegis Leather Protector

At last an effective solution for protecting light coloured leathers from dye transfer.

What is dye transfer on leather? 

Dye transfer is what happens when a coloured dye, usually from clothing, leaches into the finish of a pieceAgeus Leather Protector 200ml of leather furniture. Once this occurs it's extremely hard to remove and more often than not causes permanent damage to the leather finish.

Aegis Leather Protector has been developed to help eliminate this problem before it starts.

What does Aegis Leather Protector do?

  • Helps to make the leather finish resistent to dye transfer from denim jeans, track pants and cushions.
  • Lessens the effects of unsightly ink marks making them easier to remove.
  • Reduces potential staining from things like the dreaded wine or coffee etc.
  • Makes it easier to clean and maintain your leather.
  • Reduces the chances of of fading with it's superb UV Protection characteristics.

Aegis Leather Protector has been designed to help make the the care and maintenance of leather easier particularly the lighter colours like white and beige, which are prone to show problems a lot more than darker colours.

Problems like:

  • Dye Transfer
  • Ink Marks
  • Staining
  • UV Fading

Easy to use, simply apply Aegis Leather Protector cream to a cloth and simply wipe evenly all over the surface.

Apply to any leather surface that is prone to dye transfer.

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