Aussie Furniture Care

Many people love wood furniture because of its natural beauty and it's ability to stand the test of time.

Even though some antique varieties may need special attention, most modern wood, leather and fabric furniture these days doesn't need a lot of work to maintain.

Just using the right furniture care products and following a few basic steps is all you'll need to keep your timber furniture looking great.

On this site you'll also find the right products and information to care for all types of furniture.

Furniture Repair & Touch Up

Tired, dull and damaged timber furniture can easily be spruced up using our range of easy to use furniture repair and touch up products.

Scratch Fix Pens. Furniture Repair Kits. Wax Filler Sticks.

Furniture Polish

Aussie Furniture Care is now providing a very unique, stylish, range of up-market natural furniture care products, designed with the intention of creating an outstanding and easy to use product to service the needs of of home owners who want maintain and look after their timber furniture.

Packaged in modern bottles and jars with bright easy to read labels with clear how to use instructions and what each polish is used for. Furniture Polish. Antique Oil. Outdoor Furniture OilFurniture Reviver Oil

Floor Protectors

Slipstick Foot Floor ProtectorsSlipstick Foot Premium & Budget Floor Protectors

If you've got timber floors you might already know, that the worst culprit for causing damage to wood floors is furniture.

Fitting floor protectors to furniture is essential to stop scratching and gouging on timber floors.

We offer an extensive range or floor protectors to effectively protect timber and tile floors including furniture sliders, furniture grippers, castor cups, bed risers and more.

Go to Felt Floor Protectors or Slipstick Floor Protectors to find out more.

Leather Care

Leather is a very durable fabric but it needs the right care. At Aussie Furniture Care we supply simple and easy to use premium quality leather care products including AFC Leather Cleaner, AFC Leather Conditoner and Ecoshield Leather Cleaner, Ecoshield Leather Conditioner, Ecoshield Leather Protector, Ecoshield Leather Care Kits

Fabric Care

In addition to our leather care range we are also carry Fabric Magic 100% Natural Spot Cleaner  and the Ecoshield Fabric Care range including Ecoshield Fabric Spot Cleaner, Ecoshield Fabric Deodoriser, Ecoshield Fabric Protector and Ecoshield Fabric Care Kits to care for all types of fabrics.

Fabric Protection

Aussie Furniture Care is now carrying our own brand of bulk fabric protector in 20 litre, 5 litre and 1 litre drums.

We have also added Stain Shield Fabric Protection and Ecoshield Fabric Protector in smaller bottles for protecting fabric furniture including chairs, cushions and sofas.

Bed Head Brackets

We now carry premium quality Bedhead Brackets in two sizes: 7" and 10" for attaching bed heads to bed ensembles. The brackets are braced for added strength and designed to keep the bed head stable with minimal movement. Read more


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